The WWE Has Wiped Hulk Hogan From Pretty Much Everything


Reports are coming in that the WWE is in the process of severing all connections from wrestling legend Hulk Hogan.

Hogan has had his presence pulled from, been removed as a judge for Tough Enough and has had all Hulk Hogan merchandise from the WWE online stores removed. Only one shred of Hogan remains, as he is still listed as the General Manager for the upcoming Australian tour. Clicking on an embedded link to Hogan’s WWE profile leads to a blank page that reads “you are not authorized to access this page”.

Flickering Myth

A cryptic tweet by Hogan was posted after the clear out:

Some reports are suggesting that the wrestler has been ostracised because of an apparent audio clip from October 2012 circulating of the star on a “racial tirade” in which he repeatedly uses racist language talking to a reporter about his early career. Renowned professional wrestling writer Dave Meltzer has commented, saying that there is “a rumour going round” that this could be the leading factor in Hogans expulsion.

Sources say they have also seen transcripts of yet-to-be-released audio in which Hogan – real name Terry Gene Bollea – uses racial terms reportedly aimed at fellow wrestler, The Rock. This is also backed up by American journalist Marc Lamont Hill, who tweeted: “…the transcripts that I’ve seen have Hogan calling The Rock the ‘N-word’ and ‘sambo’ among others.”

And other bits of material have popped up online during this shitstorm, such as the following Instagram post that is currently doing the rounds at the moment:

Other reports have said that the fallout is down to Hogan’s ongoing $100 million legal battle with Gawker Media over his leaked sex tape.