The Zombieland 2 Writers Have Some Pretty Exciting News

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The writers of Zombieland have some exciting news about the eagerly-awaited flesh-eating sequel.

After Zombieland was release in 2009, it received critical acclaim for its action-packed comedy styling and charming cast of zombie-killing co-stars to boot.

But – if you’re anything like me – you’ve spent the subsequent eight years frantically planning the perfect Zombie Apocalypse Plan and wondering how the hell the Zombieland’s heroes got out of that theme park alive.

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Luckily, a Zombieland sequel was confirmed in April 2016, and apparently we won’t have much longer to wait to find out the fate of the awesome foursome, portrayed by Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone and Abigail Breslin.

The latest update came from writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick – the brains behind Deadpool – at a Life press event this weekend.

Wernick told

It is [in active development]. We’re trying to get it going. All of our cast have read the script and love it. Reuben [Fleischer] is signed on. It’s just a matter of making our cast deals and making it for a budget number.

However, Wernick expressed some concern over finances, adding:

They’ve all become superstars now. We made Zombieland with $20 million, so it’s trying to fit that financial model into the sequel model so it makes sense for the studio and being able to pay the actors what they now get paid and deserve to paid.

Frankly, I think we’d all crowdfund the entire production if we got to see another zombie Bill Murray and another set of handy rules by which we can survive the Apocalypse.


Wernick explained Sony’s involvement, saying:

We see Tom Rothman [Sony Pictures chairman] pretty frequently now and we’re pestering that dude. He’s like, ‘Please, enough with the Zombieland talk!’ We’re pestering him the way we pestered Fox on Deadpool.

To refresh your memory and morbid curiosity about the end of the world, you can watch the Zombieland trailer below:

Wernick concluded: “We’re not letting it go. We really want to see Zombieland 2.”

Don’t we all, Wernick. Don’t we all.

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