The Zoolander 2 Trailer Is Here And It Looks Hilariously Epic


It’s been 14 years since Derek Zoolander last strutted his stuff on the catwalk, and film fans are probably wondering whether he’s still hot right now? Well with the release of today’s trailer we can see that the world’s greatest male model’s still got it.

Zoolander, or as the title card says 2oolander, picks up 15 years after the original, in a fashion world that’s changed enormously from the one Derek Zoolander (Ben Stiller) knew. It seems that being “really, really, really ridiculously good looking” isn’t going to cut it anymore.

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There are new ambiguously gendered models (Benedict Cumberbatch) to compete with, and social media stars taking the spotlight from Zoolander and Hansel (Owen Wilson) who are “old” and “lame”.

However things soon heat up for Zoolander, when an Interpol agent (Penélope Cruz), recruits our heroes for a new mission in Italy to stop who ever is killing “the world’s most beautiful people”.

Watch the full trailer, to catch a glimpse of some of the fresh faces set to appear including Kristen Wiig, Kyle Mooney and Justin Bieber, giving his own version of the famous Blue Steel.

As well as some familiar faces like Will Ferrell’s villainous fashion mogul, Mugatu, sequels so hot right now!

Zoolander or 2oolander parades into theaters February 12.