There Has Been A Brilliant Response To Racist Hijacking Of #LondonHasFallen

Mayor of London messagePA

It seems that not everyone is too happy about London voting in the city’s first ever Muslim Mayor.

Well, I say ‘not everyone’ – what I actually mean by that is vile, tiny brained racists.

Since Sadiq Khan was formerly announced as the new new Mayor of London on Friday it seems that a small but predictably vocal minority can’t seem to get over the fact that he is a Muslim, reports i100.

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While a lot of the commentary surrounding Khan’s faith has of course been positive, some people are attempting to denounce him in any way they can.

On Twitter, the hashtag #LondonHasFallen was hijacked by Khan’s opponents with many of them using the phrase to tweet racist thoughts:

Most of them are entirely non-sensical and all of them give a startling insight into the garbage filled caverns of racist minds – what the fuck is wrong with people?

Fortunately however, most of Londoners are neither raving lunatics nor idiotic bigots, with the vast majority trying to reverse the negativity, making jokes out of the hashtag, or simply denouncing it:

It’s obviously great that people are shutting down the racists but – call me naive –  for fuck’s sake, it’s 2016!

Our sincere congratulations to Sadiq Khan!