There Is A Real Life Zombie Survival Challenge On A Ship

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Zombies!Zombies!Zombie Infection

Calls to survival come in many forms, most of them pathetic and flawed. Then there are those rogues to whom fight or flight situations are pretty much a fetish, where half the fun of life is assessing how you could prolong such a thing in the case of a zombie attack.


‘Zombie Infection’, bound to be a success among this type of person, is the world’s largest supplier of immersive zombie survival experiences. The company themselves claim its one of the only scare attractions in the UK to run events all year round and currently holds the title of UK’s Best Zombie Experience, awarded at the national ScareCon Awards.

Events run every Saturday for 2-3 hours and are the most realistic and adrenaline fuelled in the country with more than 850 five-star reviews on Facebook in its five year existence.

They have some amazing locations to choose from that include:


Factory – Sheffield
Asylum – Liverpool
Shopping Centre – Milton Keynes
Courthouse – Birmingham
Forest – Nottingham (which is an over night 6 hour survival challenge deep in the sherwood forest)

And now exclusive to Zombie Infection, a world first, a 4,450 geometric tonne ocean liner cruise ship docked off the coast of North Wales near Chester.

The Duke of Lancaster, which was designed by the same designers as the Titanic has sat abandoned for 30 years and is completely stuck in time. Tickets are now available on www.zombieinfection.co.uk for the 2.5 hour experience which places guests at the centre of a zombie apocalypse.

The Duke of Lancaster Zombie Experience.

NEW 2019 – The infected Duke of Lancaster awaits only the bravest souls. You'll need to explore this huge haunted, abandoned ocean liner in the hope of stopping the virus and saving humanity.Book here:- http://bit.ly/ZIDuke- 2.5 Hours (approx) of award winning immersive entertainment.- Fully up-gradable weapons.- Set across this iconic abandoned ocean liner, never been open to the public before – The Duke of Lancaster- Weekend packages available.- Upon survival photos with cast and crew!- Film realistic SFX zombies- Limited tickets available!- Maximum teams of 18- 18+ OnlySynopsis :- “The undead tell no tales on this virus voyage ” The 4,450 GT TSS Duke of Lancaster awaits you and your team of undead explorers. The ship is full of infected, untouched for years, they'll be strong and hungry… Intel suggests that this location could be the hub of recent rebel activity in the unquarantine zones. You'll need to learn quick, gain access and explore deck by deck to uncover the answers Harvertech are looking for. This one isn't for the fainthearted."Can you believe your eyes!? Exclusive to Zombie Infection comes a once in a life time opportunity to immersive yourself in our zombie universe on this incredible turbine steam ship. Believe us when we tell you that this is not only an incredible place to visit, but also that it is the ultimate zombie experience location. Multiple decks, cabins, louges and engine rooms stuck in time and completely unexplored. All of this mixed with hours of immersive entertainment being chased, challenged and instructed by our award winning cast means you'll need to grab your tickets fast and join a VIP selection of Zombie Infection patrons who have had the chance to step on board!Book now and don't miss out on this incredible location:- http://bit.ly/ZIDuke For all Ghost Hunting / Events enquiries visit TSS Duke of Lancaster

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Once armed up with an upgradable weapon guests will be invited on board to uncover the secrets the ship holds while facing movie realistic zombies round every corner.

Explore the cabins, engine rooms, captain’s deck, bars and restaurants in hope of finding the answers to ‘the virus’ and ‘its strength’. Long story short, nowhere is safe, so have your wits about y0u.

‘Perfect for surprise Christmas presents, stag/hen do’s, team building and every movie fan who wants to be part of the action. Tickets will sell out fast!’ the team write.

Zombies!Zombies!Zombie Infection

FWIW, here’s my zombie survival plan: go up to one and say: ‘Alright, Jesus and St Peter are playing golf. St Peter steps up to the tee and hits a long and accurate shot on a par three over onto the green. Jesus follows suit but scuffs it; so much so it heads into the direction of an adjacent street away from the course.

‘It bounces off a lorry and onto a lily pad in a nearby lake where a frog appears and places the ball in its mouth. An eagle then swoops down and picks up the frog, flying him over the course. The frog croaks and drops the ball right into the hole. St Peter, miffed, turns to Jesus and goes, “Are you gonna play golf or are you just gonna f*ck around?”‘

If that doesn’t stop a zombie dead in its already deceased tracks then I’m sorry but you deserve to perish.

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