There Is A Weird Conspiracy Behind Lady Gaga’s Half-Time Super Bowl Show

by : Tom Percival on : 04 Feb 2017 16:56

While the majority of the world was wowed by Lady Gaga’s incredible performance during her astounding halftime Super Bowl show some people think something sinister is going on. 


The infamous conspiracy theorist and professional shouter Alex Jones claimed before the match that you shouldn’t watch GaGa because she’s the spawn of Satan and a New World Order operative.

Jones went on to allege that GaGa ‘does rituals’ and rather than provide evidence he pointed to her once wearing a suit made of meat before making a series of claims about the Super Bowl that’d be libellous if they weren’t so hilarious.

Lady Gaga To Conduct Satanic Ritual At Super Bowl LI

Posted by Alex Jones on Sunday, 5 February 2017

He ranted:


The organisers are deciding to defile America and break our will by having us bow down to this and she’s reportedly going to be on the top of the stadium, ruling over everyone with drones everywhere, surveilling everyone in a big swarm.

To just condition them to say ‘I am the Godess of Satan’ ruling over them with the rise of the robots in a ritual of lesser magic’.

The rant really needs to be seen to be believed – we tried to summarise it but it looks like the ramblings of a madman – and it basically boils down to sports – specifically the Super Bowl – being a distraction as the globalists, a frequent target for Jones’ rants, take over the U.S.


Jones then claims that Trump had ruined GaGa and the globalist’s plans to take over the world using sports or some other bullshit that I personally believe Jones only pretends to believe in to get stories like this written about him.

In Alex’s defence GaGa did dress like a super villain during the show but we don’t think she was trying to take over the world with her catchy song and dance numbers.

The best part of the video is when he pats his own back for being one of the few people who’s a ‘free thinker’ and chats on about how good the traffic to his website site InfoWars is, claiming he gets 50 million people a week.

We checked, because we’d love traffic that good, and discovered that he probably doesn’t get close to 50 million a month…

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