There Isn’t Enough Space On Earth To Plant Enough Trees To Prevent Global Warming

by : Niamh Shackleton on : 08 Aug 2021 14:09
There Isn’t Enough Space On Earth To Plant Enough Trees To Prevent Global WarmingPA Images

Studies have suggested there isn’t enough space on Earth to plant enough trees to tackle climate change.

Humans emit 30 billion to 40 billion tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere every year – an amount that’s too large for trees to tackle on their own.


Trees are often used as a tool to combat climate change as they absorb CO2, and emit oxygen. Despite proving vital, humans have destroyed two-thirds of the planet’s rainforests.

Amazon Rainforest (Pexels)Pexels

However, it’s not just declining tree numbers that are of concern, it’s the space to plant new ones that scientists are worried about too – to capture just 10% of the world’s annual CO2 emissions, we would have to cover the entire contiguous US with trees, Insider reports.

But, if we were to plant the necessary amount of trees, it would likely impact the space needed for farmland and therefore impact food supplies.


With these concerning figures in mind, it shows how imperative it is that we reduce our carbon footprint. One way in which IKEA is trying to do this is by acquiring thousands of acres of forest land.

Scottish lake (pixabay)Pixabay

Back in January, Ingka, the group which owns the majority of IKEA stores, bought 4,386 hectares (10,840 acres) of land in southeast Georgia to protect it from being developed on.

It’s believed Ingka Group owns a staggering 248,000 hectares (613,000 acres) of forestland throughout the US and Europe.


Though many feel that this still isn’t enough, with last year found to be the second-hottest year on record.

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