There’s A Big Problem With McDonald’s Monopoly And Customers Are P*ssed

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The most obvious problem with McDonald’s Monopoly is that no one ever wins anything, but there’s something else about the game that’s pissing customers off.

As the competition comes to an end, many people are rushing to get the last of their stickers. But there’s a big problem – McDonald’s is running out.

Lots of people were complaining on the fast food chain’s Facebook page, saying that they had bought meals to collect stickers but were disappointed (some more than others) when they didn’t receive any.

What people are so upset about is the fact that McDonald’s is still advertising promotional posters everywhere for the competition. Despite the mass promotion though, a lot of people aren’t getting stickers and have to ask management why.

A spokesperson for McDonald’s told The Mirror:

More people than ever before have taken part in this year’s Monopoly promotion, and we’re on track to give away more prizes than ever – so far more than 7 million prizes have been won.

Unfortunately this unprecedented popularity has led to some stores selling out of promotional packaging before the promotion ends next Tuesday.

We apologise for any disappointment caused and look forward to bringing Monopoly back to our customers next year.

So basically, McDonald’s is fully aware but decided not to resolve the problem because the competition ends next week. Get your shit together, McDonald’s.