There’s A City In China Where Men Have Three Girlfriends

by : UNILAD on : 03 Sep 2015 10:21


China has a one child policy and a massive gender imbalance, okay it’s a sausage fest, but the city of Dongguan appears to be an exception to the rule. There are so many women living there that most men have two or three girlfriends.


Dongguan, in south China’s Guangdong Province, is known for producing electronics such as iPhones and iPads. Local manufacturers running assembly plants for these big electronic companies prefer to hire women as they find them to be more reliable.

The city has now become a bustling hub of employed women and men that only do odd jobs and casual work. These fellas are left with plenty of time on their hands…


Men in the city have admitted to having two to three permanent girlfriends at the same time. “It’s a lot easier to find a girlfriend than a job,” one bloke told the local TV station.


Li Bin says “I have three girlfriends, and all of them know about each other. Many of my friends also have many girlfriends.” He added: “Why not have more than one if we can? Look, everyone is here to have fun; if you don’t do it, others will.”

It seems like it’s become the norm and no one wants to be left out, right?


We expect to see a spike in tourism soon.

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    Men in Dongguan, China, ‘have three girlfriends’ because there’s so many women