There’s A Huge Change Coming To Everyone’s Driving Licences


The DVLA are making a move into the digital world and are currently ‘undergoing private staff testing’ of a new driving app.

The new ‘digital licence’ will appear on your phone and you’ll be able to use it as ID even when you’re not connected to the internet.

At the moment, the app is being tested and could be rolled out as early as the start of 2018.

Oliver Morley, the CEO of DVLA tweeted a photo of a driving licence back in May with the words:

So here’s a little prototype of something we’re working on.

In the DVLA’s strategy, it states the digital driving licence will not replace the plastic one, but they can still be used as ID.

Further details on the timetable for such a service were included in the DVLA’s business plan.


It reads:

During 2017/18 we will be developing a quick, easy and secure service to allow customers to view a representation of their driving licence on their smartphone.

The driver will be in control of their data and this can be used to share and validate driver information with trusted third parties through a secure website.

The digital licence service will only be available to driving licence holders who have authenticated themselves on through the existing driving licence service.

At least I won’t be paying for replacement licences when I lose mine on a night out.