There’s A Huge Conspiracy Theory About Donald Trump’s Wife’s Speech Writer

by : Tom Percival on : 21 Jul 2016 18:11
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While people may not be happy with Donald Trump becoming a real U.S. presidential candidate, it’s hard to argue that his bizarre rise hasn’t been entertaining.


The latest odd gaffe concerns his new speech writer, Meredith McIver, who came to our attention when she ripped off was heavily inspired by a Michelle Obama speech, which she wrote for Trump’s wife Melania Trump.

Trump alleges that McIver wrote the speech for Melania and that she had nothing to do with the plagiarised speech – but this is where things take a dramatic twist.

You see, the supposed ghost writer had no verified Twitter account or LinkedIn profile until yesterday when she suddenly appeared on social media.

Now, you may be thinking ‘Trump’s a buffoon, but even he isn’t arrogant enough to create a fictional spokesperson’ and I’d agree with you, had he not actually done it before.


Back in the 80s and 90s, Trump would act as his own spokesperson calling news outlets using the pseudonyms John Miller and John Barron, not even bothering to disguise his accent.

So has Trump just created a new imaginary friend to protect his wife?

Well, the Internet’s been sleuthing and they’ve discovered that Meredith McIver isn’t on Trump’s payroll.


More than that, any and all mentions of her online basically appeared yesterday.


It’s also not the first time Trump’s blamed McIver either…



Twitter’s been less than kind about Donald Trump’s maybe fictional speech writer.

Maybe we should demand a birth certificate from Donald Trump to prove she exists?

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