There’s A Make Your Own Prosecco Kit Available For Christmas

Victor's Drinks

Prosecco fans have just discovered the ultimate gift, a make-your-own kit, and all you need to add to the mix is water.

MySecco, by Victor’s Drinks, is the world’s first make-your-own single bottle of sparkling wine and it’s here in time for Christmas.

At £19.99, it’s more expensive than a standard bottle of Prosecco, but you get to have all the fun making it.

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To make the Prosecco, all you have to do is pour warm water, yeast and syrup sachets – provided in the kit – into the bottle and give it a good old swirl.

Then, you get to wait for two weeks… but after that you’ll have a bottle of your very own Prosecco!

Customers are advised to drink the bottle within three days, but we don’t see that being an issue for most people, especially if you’re sharing it.

You can buy the kit from online retailers including AmazonFirebox and Argos, so you can treat somebody to their perfect Christmas gift, or you could just treat yourself. Whatever.

So what’s MySecco like? It is described as having a ‘fresh and crisp flavor with delicate citrus notes’.

Whether you like Prosecco or not, we’re sure you’ll probably know someone who’d like to open something like this on Christmas Day.

In time for Christmas, Aldi announced it will be selling three-litre bottles of Prosecco, because, well we all know one standard bottle doesn’t even touch the sides.

The super-size bottle – bigger than a magnum – is known as a jeroboam and costs £39.99.

If that’s not sold it to you, it offers notes of ‘fresh citrus fruits and wisteria flower’ with a ‘refreshing acidity and soft sherbet taste’.

Sounds delicious.