There’s A New Owner Of The Longest Legs In The US

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A 22-year-old woman from California has taken the record for the longest legs in America, but despite a promising career as a model some agencies have turned her down for being too tall.

Chase Kennedy is 6’5” tall, with legs measure 51 inches, only 0.9 inches off the world record. She got the nicknames “legs” and “giraffe” in school, but says that her impressive height have helped her do well in sports.

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And now she’s stolen the US record for longest legs from current holder, Holly Burt whose legs measure 49.5 inches.

She said: “I am proud of my legs I wouldn’t want anything different,” she added, “I believe I hold the record for America’s longest legs and I love being tall.”

She explains that she felt “bummed” when she thought Holly Burt’s legs were longer than hers a but when she measured herself she found out that her own legs were actually longer than Holly’s.

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Chase is currently in a relationship with a 6’4” man named Jason, but admits that dating has been a problem in the past.

She explained:

I feel that men are intimidated by my height and it can be hard to find someone who is taller. In high school dating was very difficult because men were intimidated by my height and I towered over a lot of them.

Although Chase is now has confident about her size she hasn’t always loved her height. When she started high school at 13-years-old, she already measured 6’1”, well above the American male average of 5’10”

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She recalled:

When I was younger, I wished I was smaller just so I could blend in because you are standing out, it’s kind of hard to feel like you belong. People would make comments about it and call me twiggy or giraffe.

That said Chase believes that this helped make her who she is, she said: “I was always just so awkward that I didn’t want to stand out or anything. But as I have grown older I feel like it’s better, it makes me who I am.”

Aside from some cruel nicknames, Chase’s stature made her popular in sports including volleyball and basketball where she towered over opponents.

Theres A New Owner Of The Longest Legs In The US 2EBABAE800000578 3331081 image m 37 1448317400483Patrick Fallon/Barcroft Media

Modelling agencies began scouting her as as a teenager, but as Chase continued to grow offers began to dry up.

She explained:

I’d go to agencies like Next or Ford or any of these large ones and they would look at me and turn me away because of my height.

Being so tall, a lot of the agencies have height limits that are 5’11”. So when you have someone that’s 6’5” walking in they will like my look but then say we can’t do anything with you. So then I would just go out the door.

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Chase’s height definitely runs in the family as her dad Matthew is 6’7″, her mom Chris is 5’11” and her brothers Shane and Devin are also 6’5″ and 6’6″, respectively.