There’s A New ‘The Dress’ People Can’t Decide The Colour Of

by : UNILAD on : 21 Nov 2016 11:48

If you want to cause an equal divide among the Internet, upload a picture of an optical illusion and watch it descend into chaos.


If you remember the black and blue/white and gold dress that caused a level of debate matched only by Donald Trump’s presidential bid, you’ll know the havoc the picture wreaked on social media.

And we’re sorry, but it’s happening again.

Behold the new dress:


These flip flops (which are clearly blue and dark blue) are causing mayhem online. Some are seeing white and gold, some are seeing black and blue, and others are seeing different colour combinations entirely.

It’s causing family fall outs, breakups, rifts, and all-out wars, probably.

And, just like before, the responses are mixed:

Given the toll the dress took on pretty much everyone’s brain, others are outright refusing to participate:



The photograph was posted by Falsiane, a Portuguese Twitter account on Thursday. Since then, everyone has lost their mind trying to decide whether they are blue and black (sort of correct) or white and gold (definitely not correct)

What’s even more peculiar, though, is that some people (like me) are seeing a different colour to what they saw in ‘the dress’.

But before you break out your pitch forks, Havaianas have confirmed to BuzzFeed News that the flip flops in the picture are actually blue and dark blue.

Argument settled.

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