There’s A Real Disorder Where People Believe They Are Rotting Corpses

dead corpse1Kam Miller

Are you ready for your dose of seriously weird?

Well hold onto your hats, because here it is. According to researchers, there is an actual disorder that makes people think they’re a rotting corpse.

Said people are otherwise healthy, and in no way dead, dying or rotting, but genuinely believe that they are.

This is because of a seriously rare neuropsychiatric illness, that makes people think parts of their body have died.


Cases include a 53-year-old Filipina woman, who really believed she was a rotting corpse, and one man who thought he no longer had a stomach.

The cases have been published in the journal Psychiatry, and also include 48-year-old Graham, who was convinced that his brain had died, because he no longer felt tired, hungry or thirsty.


Adam Zeman, Ph.D., a professor of cognitive and behavioural neurology at England’s University of Exeter Medical School, co-wrote the report on Graham, and has spoken about the disorder.

He claimed:

But if you said, ‘Look, you’re able to talk to me, and you can see and hear,’ he’d say, ‘Well yeah, my mind must be alive, but my brain is dead.’ And you couldn’t get him past that delusion.

People with depression lose their normal sense of selves, and feel that all of their sensations have lost their edge.

I think Cotard’s is an extreme form of that depersonalization.

Sufferers are also highly likely to have a pre-existing mental health issue, such as bipolar disorder or schizophrenia before Cotards develops.

With the right medication, such as antidepressants, sufferers are able to make a full recovery according to Zeman.