There’s A Sh*t Ton Of Avatar Sequels On The Way, Apparently



It’s hard to believe that it has been almost seven years since James Cameron’s Avatar blew our minds at cinemas everywhere.

No-one could stop bloody talking about it and you can understand why though, until Star Wars: The Force Awakens surpassed it, it was the top domestic grossing film in history. So it must has been pretty awesome, right?

Making a special appearance at CinemaCon on Thursday, Cameron had some incredibly exciting news for die hards of the franchise.


He said:

We’re making four epic [‘Avatar’] films that stand alone but together form a saga. These movies were designed to be seen in theaters first.

Really, four?! Forming a saga? But why? Apparently according to Cameron, he felt three films would simply not be enough to complete the tale, though considering each one is probably going to be three hours long you’d think that’d be easily enough time- but hey ho.

avatar web thumbJames Cameron

Cameron continued:

I’ve been working with the top four screenwriters and designers in the world to design the world of ‘Avatar‘ going forward. The environments, new cultures — whatever it takes to bring it to life. From what I’m seeing of the art on the wall … in pure imagination is just beyond the first film. I’m speechless.

This all sounds pretty damn exciting to be honest, but when will this all actually be happening? Well, unfortunately Avatar 2 won’t be hitting our screens until December 2018. Sad times.

2544James Cameron

Oh, and just in case you wanted a heads up on the remaining three sequels (of course you do), they are scheduled in for around Christmas time in 2020, 2022 and 2023.

Cameron also used the platform to argue that the day-in-date blockbuster screening service endangered the movie-going experience.

He added:

Together we’re going to continue to make this industry the biggest show on earth It’s essential for movies to be offered exclusively in theatres on their initial release. So: boom.

CinemaCon 2016 - 20th Century Fox Invites You To A Special Presentation Highlighting Its Future Release ScheduleGetty

Boom, indeed!