There’s A Star Wars VR Game Coming, And It Looks Incredible


Climb onto the rooftops and scream the news for all to hear: There’s a Star Wars VR game coming to the HTC Vive. It’s called Trials on Tatooine and it looks cool as fuck. 

This glorious slice of wish fulfillment comes from ILMxLab, a division of Lucasfilm who devote themselves to creating all new, innovative interactive experiences. At the moment, it looks like a pretty simple game in which we have to deflect blaster fire with our lightsabers.

But come on guys, we get to deflect blaster fire with our lightsabers in virtual realityRemember when motion control took off and all anyone really wanted was a Star Wars game so that we become awesome Jedi? Well replace motion control with Virtual Reality and things haven’t really changed.

Check out the trailer below. Star Wars is a guaranteed money spinner, so this is something of a win-win for the Vive.

There’s no release date for Star Wars: Trials on Tatooine just yet, but there’s a chance it could launch alongside the HTC Vive on April 5 if we all wish really hard.