There’s Already A ‘Conspiracy Theory’ About The Missing EgyptAir Flight


It’s not yet two days since EgyptAir flight MS804 tragically crashed but already a conspiracy theory has emerged. 

In an apparent incredible coincidence, there are 804 days between flight MS804 crashing and the ill-fated Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 disappearing en-route to Beijing, reports The Mirror. 

And someone has noticed that number – the 804 days between the two incidents – is the same as the EgyptAir plane’s call sign.

The tenuous link between the two flights was first spotted by Kevin Andrew on Twitter:

MH370 disappeared from radar screens over the South China Sea en-route from Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Malaysia to Beijing Capital International Airport in China with 239 people on board.

As yet, nothing is known for certain of its fate, despite the largest and most expensive search in aviation history.

Although wreckage from the downed plane is claimed to have been found as far afield as Mozambique and Reunion Island near Madagascar, many experts dispute the findings.

MS804 was flying from Charles de Gaulle in Paris to Cairo Airport with 66 passengers and crew but as yet no details regarding the fate of the flight and those on board has been confirmed.

A number of theories as to the fate of MH370 have been suggested over the last two years – prompting wild speculation that, predictably, conspiracy theorists have lapped up.

MH370 Search Area Narrows As More Signals IdentifiedGetty Images

Some of the most outlandish include the Malaysian PM alleging the CIA knew the plane’s whereabouts or that it hid behind another plane on radar.

The most common theory however is that the pilot ‘deliberately turned off passengers’ oxygen supply’ before ditching it into the sea as he had reportedly cleared his diary before the flight.