There’s Already A Crazy Conspiracy Theory About Jo Cox’s Murder

by : UNILAD on : 22 Jun 2016 11:42

It has only been six days since the tragic murder of Jo Cox but already there is an absolutely crazy conspiracy theory circulating online which seeks, and drastically fails, to prove that Jo Cox was never murdered at all.

The utterly moronic theory makes a claim that Bernard Kenny, the hero was tried to stop Jo’s murder and was subsequently stabbed in the chest, actually died back in 2013 – which even if true, which it’s not, still does not prove in any essence that the Jo Cox murder was a hoax.


In an article entitled ‘BUSTED: British MP was “rescued” by Dead Man?’, originally posted onto Veterans Today, the writer argues that it took hardly any time at all for the conspirators to ‘blow the lid’ off the ‘fraudulent event’.

The theory is entirely based around the ‘fact’ that ‘Bernard Kenny, the pensioner who allegedly intervened when Cox was attacked died in 2013’ – which they back up with an obituary from the Yorkshire Evening Post about the death of a man called Bernard Kenny who did die in 2013, because you know, nobody else in the entire world is called Bernard Kenny.

obituary-bernard-kenny-jo-cox-640x372obituary-bernard-kenny-jo-cox-640x372Yorkshire Evening Post

They claim:


The 77 -year-old retired man Jo Cox would have helped according to testify against the attack by Thomas Mair , already appears to be deceased in 2013 . This is apparent from an obituary in the Yorkshire Evening Post . The best man can never have been on the scene of the accident . The myth of the saving hero is thus pierced at 1x . The myth of the murder of Jo Cox is thus also pierced.

Yep. Busted. Cracked. You did it.

giphy (69)giphy (69)

They conclude the article by saying:


These Bernard Kenny is already deceased on January 21 , 2013. The following ad speaks for itself. Mr. Kenny now would indeed probably have been 77 [the same age of the hero, Bernard Kenny], assuming that his birthday would have set the date of the alleged murder of Jo Cox. How likely is it that someone with the same name and the same age , from the same place?

This is hard evidence that the murder of Jo Cox is a hoax. Earlier evidence I reviewed all here, here and here. It is fully put in scene , which now appears clear from the fact that a hero character was invented in the form of an old miners hero . Unfortunately, now comes out that this man already no longer alive . This hoax bubble has been punctured !

giphy (70)giphy (70)

It’s not hard evidence though is it?

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m all for conspiracy theories but this is ultimately the biggest pile of bullshit I have ever, ever had the disprivilege of reading.


The theory lacks in ‘puncturing’ absolutely anything – even if Bernard Kenny did die back in 2013, it would still serve very little in disproving the tragic murder of Jo Cox. The theory is also incredibly insensitive.

Some people just have way too much time on their hands.

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