This Text Message Makes The Chris Brown Siege Very Suspicious


As I’m sure you’re all aware by now, there was a massive police standoff at Chris Brown’s house this week.

The whole incident was livestreamed, and began after the rapper was accused of pointing a gun at model Baylee Curran’s head in a row over jewellery.

Apparently Baylee, a former Miss California Regional 2016, claims she was admiring his friend’s diamond cross necklace at a party when she was told to step away when Chris pulled the gun on her.

She’s since been thrown into the spotlight and has given interviews left right and centre. But Baylee’s friend, Christian Bonilla, just appeared on TMZ Live to talk about his interaction with her right after the incident, and it all seems kind of suspicious.

Apparently Christian was the one who brought Baylee to the party but he left early, only to get a text from her asking him to pick her up. She then apparently text Christian: “This motherfucker is about to go down.”

The ‘motherfucker’ in question could be referring to anyone, but it could also be referring to Chris Brown.

Christian also said Baylee’s not the kind of person you want to get angry.

And considering she’s also a suspect in a grand larceny case in NYC, it all seems a bit shady.

According to E! Online, Curran said Chris came towards her, took out his gun and said ‘I am so sick of you people. Get the F out. I’m going to blow your head off.’

She explained that she’s sharing her story because ‘situations happen like this every day and people feel like they cannot come out with their story and they can’t stand up for themselves’. She added: “I feel like if I do this, maybe I can be a role model for the individuals who unfortunately have been through a situation like this before. And I just want people to know they can stand up for themselves.”

Baylee shared a clip on her Instagram in response to claims she’d made the whole thing up for publicity, saying: “Do you all honestly think I wanted this, that I caused this? If somebody put a gun to your head what would you do? Call the police?”

But Chris claims she made the whole thing up out of anger, because he kicked her out of his house.

It all sounds a bit suspicious to me.