There’s Been An ‘Attempted Coup’ In Another European Country


Only two days after the Turkish military tried to overthrow the government, it seems the same thing could be happening in one of its neighbouring countries.

Gunmen have stormed a police HQ in Armenia, with many fearing that it could be an attempted coup in the country, The Mirror reports.

One person has reportedly been killed in the attack, with a number of people wounded at the building in the country’s capital Yerevan.

It’s also being reported that several people have been taken hostage, including the local police chief.

Locals have also complained that social media is down, amid these threats of violence.

The gunmen involved released a video demanding the release of Jirair Sefilyan, an Armenian opposition figure.

He had previously called for a ‘change of power’ through his movement ‘New Armenia’ and wanted an ‘armed rebellion’ in the country.

The CivilNet newspaper identified the group as the Daredevils of Sassoun and said its members had released a video in which they say: “Dear friends, citizens, Armenian nation, it has begun, we are doing this for you… Go out to the streets!”

According to a statement obtained by RT, they claim they have already seized one of the main police hubs in Yerevan and are in control of the Erebuni, one of the 12 districts of Yerevan.

One of the rebels posted this video on Facebook from inside the police building, saying the group had taken control of it:

Posted by Areg Kyureghyan on Saturday, 16 July 2016

An official statement from Armenia’s National Security Service claimed that the mass media had been spread ‘misinformation’ by the group and that ‘an armed rebellion’ was not currently taking place.

They added that they’re currently carrying out negotiations with the armed group to ensure their ‘peaceful surrender’ to the authorities.

At Least 90 Killed in Attempted Military Coup in TurkeyGetty

This comes only 24 hours after an attempted military coup in Turkey failed, which left 265 people dead and over 1,000 injured.