There’s A Job Going On The World’s Remotest Inhabited Island


The world’s most remote island is looking for a British farmer to help them grow food.

The Telegraph report that, Tristan da Cunha, which lies slap bang in the middle of the South Atlantic between Africa and South America, has a population of only 265 people, and its government are worried that they don’t have the skills to keep themselves self-sufficient.


Officials are looking for a farmer who can help them transform the land to harvest fruits, vegetables and other crops, to reduce its reliance on imported foodstuffs.

It’s quite a big job, the island has around 1,000 acres of poor grazing land for 300 cattle and 500 sheep, and currently its biggest crop is potatoes.

Tristan Da Cunha Island, settlement capital of Edinburgh. Walkers exploring the foothills of the Queen Mary VolcanoAlamy

If you take the job though, be warned, you’ll have to enjoy your own company. The island’s only accessible 60 days a year, which means there are only nine ships a year to and from the island.

Even then, your closest neighbours will be 1,511 miles away in South Africa and it’ll take you six-days on the high seas to get there.

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But for those who like a challenge the island has its temptations. It’s got everything you need in it’s one village, Edinburgh of the Seven Seas.

There’s an island shop, a pub, cafe, dance hall, swimming pool, museum and accommodation and transport to the island is free.

Tristan Da Cunha Island, the foothills of Queen Marys Peak, 2,062m volcanoAlamy

The advert has been listed on the jobs page of the National Farmers’ Union and you’ll need some considerable agricultural experience to take the job.

Alan Brown head of the NFU job page said:

This is the most interesting and unique opportunity that I have seen advertised on NFU Job Pages to date. I hope there is a UK farmer out there who seizes the opportunity to take on this unique challenge and bring a flavour of British farming to the world’s most remote inhabited island.

Tristan Da Cunha Island, settlement capital of Edinburgh. The islands Royal Mail Post Office with a red letter box in the front.Alamy

Currently there’s no salary listed and they’re pretty specific in saying you must be ‘able to demonstrate expertise gained in the UK.’

Tristan da Cunha is a British overseas territory, which is probably why the island is advertising for a farmer from the UK.

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At one time Tristan was on the main trading route between Europe and the Indian Ocean, but unfortunately the small community living there is now extremely isolated.

So do you think you could handle it?