There’s Now A ‘Secret’ App To Hide Photos You Don’t Want People To See

by : UNILAD on : 05 Sep 2015 15:32

Some kids have had their parents well and truly fooled by using an app on their phones which allows them to keep their photos hidden and secret from adults’ prying eyes.


The unique app only became public knowledge when an Alabama prosecutor, Pamela Casey, posted a video on her office’s Facebook page to warn parents about the Private Photo/Calculator% app for iPhone.

At first glance it looks like an ordinary calculator application but when you punch in a secret code the program unlocks a private photo album.

Does your child have this app– Calculator%? You need to know what this app really is for— and it isn't for adding numbers! Check out this new video (less than 2 minutes)!

Posted by Blount County District Attorney-41st Judicial Circuit on Tuesday, 1 September 2015


The app is actually one of many variations on this kind of thing and pretty much all of them are disguised as calculator apps, apparently.

Although Casey, the district attorney for Blount County, is most concerned about what kids could be hiding from their parents, we can’t help but feel the app may come in useful to stop your drunk mates in the pub checking out any NSFW images you might have lurking on your smartphone.

So, basically, parents – watch out for this one. Everyone else – get yourselves to the app store!

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    Some kids using ‘secret’ apps to hide photos from parents