There’s One Scene In Lion King People Are Absolutely Dreading

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From the day we arrive on the planet, and blinking, step into the sun, there’s more to see than can ever be seen, more to do than can ever be done. It’s the circle of life.

Not my words of course, but those of the iconic song Circle of Life from Disney’s 1994 classic The Lion King.

And just as the circle of the life dictates our own lives, so too does it seemingly dictate the lifespan of a film. Even one as timeless and inimitable as The Lion King.

That’s because, in case you hadn’t heard, 25 years since its release, The Lion King is getting the remake treatment from the team who remade The Jungle Book and made it look like something from Planet Earth, all that was missing was ol’ Davey Attenborough.

Check out the first teaser of the upcoming film here:

Mustn’t grumble though, The Lion King was based on Shakespeare’s Hamlet after all, and that’s, like, millions of years old innit!

Also, the trailer looks pretty darn good, just hearing James Earl Jones’ voice as Simba’s father Mufasa is enough to get you excited about the film.

However, for most people who have seen the original, hearing Mufasa once again also brings up some pretty raw emotions after (spoiler alert!) his fate in the film.

On one hand, perhaps the new movie will be an easier watch for some of us. We’ll be ready, we know what’s going to happen and can brace ourselves accordingly. For those who have perhaps forgotten or have never seen it (really?) then, in the words of Mufasa’s evil brother Scar – be prepared!

It seems some people are already dreading this moment. It’ll be physically impossible for them not to see this new film, and therefore they must put themselves through its most harrowing scene once more.

Taking to social media to express their anxieties, naturally, one person wrote:

Honestly I’m finally just getting over the trauma of Mufasa now I have to go and re-live it all over again only this time it’s even MORE REAL

Another said:

Damn, Disney really bout to make me pay them money to watch Mufasa die in Ultra HD 4K

Another wrote:

When simba nudges mufasa head after the stampede trying to wake him up I’m leaving the theater.

While someone else, somehow reading my own mind, said:

When I was 5, it was Mufasa’s death that made me cry. At 26, apparently it only takes his voice in the trailer.

It seems Jon Favreau has got his work cut out to not F this one up. And though he might always be known as Pete from Friends (despite making one of the best Christmas films ever), he has roped in some pretty huge names to anchor his remake.

Thankfully, he’s kept James Earl Jones in his original role as Mufasa, while Donald Glover (aka Childish Gambino) will replace the kid from Home Improvement as Simba, while other small names like, erm, Beyoncé, Seth Rogen and Chiwetel Ejiofor fill up the rest of the cast…

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