There’s Something ‘Sinister’ About G20 Summit Leaders’ Hand Positions


Arrogant world leaders have shown cavalier disregard for their common man at the G20 summit by flagrantly displaying the sign of the Illuminati with their hands. 

Or at least that’s the claim of conspiracy theorists who noticed several world leaders making an odd pyramid shape with their hands, The Daily Star reports.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, President Trump and Russian leader Vladimir Putin were all spotted making the hand gesture while at the G20 retreat in Hamburg, Germany.


Even our own beloved Prime Minister Theresa May was seen making the odd hand gesture, which makes sense as every one knows the triangle is the strongest and most stable of shapes.

To most people arching your hands to make a vague pyramid shape would be pretty innocuous but it’s alleged that the gesture is in fact the sign of the Illuminati a secret society of world leaders conspiring to control world affairs.

Of course being world leaders they already control the world but why let details get in the way of a good theory.


The conspiracy theory website illuminatiRex, which details a number of conspiracy theories, claims that the Pyramid is an important symbol in the Illuminati.

The website states:

The pyramid is an important Illuminati symbol showing their few ruling the many on the bottom type power structure.

The symbol becomes more powerful when the sign is done over an eye, representing the All-Seeing eye in a capstone floating over an unfinished pyramid. The pyramid sign is seen by many researchers to be THE sign of the Illuminati.


Over the years a number of world leaders and celebrities have been accused of being a member of the secret society including Tom Cruise, Jay Z and even Beyonce.

Why a sinister cabal of people plotting world domination would need actors and singers we don’t know but if we ever meet an alleged member we’ll be sure to ask them.