There’s Something Very Different About Leonardo DiCaprio’s New Girlfriend


Leonardo DiCaprio is many things; an amazing actor, a staunch activist for environmental issues and an all around cool guy. He’s also known to have dated a string of beautiful women… all of whom have been blonde.

Yup, in the Academy Award winning actor’s eyes blondes do have more fun.

For the most eagle-eyed DiCaprio obsessive aficionado you may have noticed an pattern that’s emerged from the women he dates, they we’re all blonde. So it’s come as a surprise that his latest girlfriend isn’t.


I know right, everyone stop the fucking presses, cancel Christmas because Leonardo DiCaprio is dating a brunette… how do we process this important information?

Well if you’re a normal human being you just get on with your lives – or you can read up about her, it’s up to you.

So here’s 23-year-old model Lorena Rae, as you’ve noticed she’s a brunette.

Haven't posted anything in a while but yes I'm still alive ? ?#munich for a few days ?

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The pair were spotted with a male friend having lunch at the Hillstone in Park Avenue, New York. A ‘spy’ for Page Six (because personal privacy be damned) said that the two ‘seem like an item’.

Their super slueth added that when:

They walked out together, he pulled down his hat over his eyes

love beeing home ?

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It seems that they have been dating for a while now as the two have been spotted at multiple events and venues including last Monday’s MoMA PS1 and with Leo’s crew in Monaco and St. Tropez.

However a rep has come out and said that the two ‘are not dating’. But make of that what you will.

Can I please have this hair&make up look everyday? ???

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So who are you gonna believe?

We’re still holding out for that film about him and his old 90’s lad crew though, fingers crossed. Pussy Posse forever!