Theresa May Admits She’d Nuke 100,000 People If She Had To

Britain's Home Secretary Theresa May delivers her keynote address on the second day of the Conservative party annual conference in Manchester

If you really thought our new British Prime Minister wouldn’t hesitate to kill thousands of people with the push of a button, you might want to think again.

In her first commons debate since becoming the PM, Theresa May made it as clear as you like that she would be prepared to kill innocent people in making the order.

May was challenged by the SNP’s George Kerevan, who asked:

Are you prepared to authorise a nuclear strike that could kill hundreds of thousands of men, women and children?

To which she bluntly replied – ‘Yes’. This came during a parliamentary debate to discuss the renewal of the UK’s Trident nuclear weapons system.


She went on to say that for the UK to scrap its nuclear weapons would be ‘an act of gross irresponsibility’ and accused anyone who wanted to get rid of them as being ‘the first to defend the country’s enemies’.

So it’s probably a good job that the House of Commons voted overwhelmingly in favour of renewing the UK’s Trident nuclear weapons system by 472 votes to 117.

Jeremy Corbyn Continues As Leader Of The Labour PartyGetty

Many believed this was staged by the government to draw attention to the ever-growing rift between Jeremy Corbyn and most Labour MPs.

So it was no real surprise that the Labour party was split over the issue, with 140 of its 230 MPs going against Corbyn and backing the motion, while 47 Labour members voted against renewal, and others abstained.

Despite Labour MPs being given a free vote, many still used the occasion to attack Corbyn. Jamie Reed described his stance as ‘juvenile and narcissistic’.

Gordon Brown Announces Plans To Cut Trident SubmarinesGetty

The vote essentially approved the making of four replacement submarines at a current estimated cost of £31bn, which we definitely don’t need to spend elsewhere right now.