These Actors Took Things Way Too Extreme On Set

by : UNILAD on : 03 Dec 2016 18:50

When you’re making a movie it’s only natural to assume that the pressure on set can get pretty fucking high. 


Almost everybody has to work with at least one office dick but in a normal job you just go home at the end of the day and pretend they don’t exist. Acting, however, isn’t a normal job, according to Looper.

Imagine if you not only have to deal with the office dick but then have to pretend you’re best friends with them in front of the camera, or that you’re in love with them – et cetera.


We won’t spoil them all for you but one such example comes directly from The Rock who was not one bit happy with Vin Diesel over summer.


The pro-wrestler turned actor, took to Facebook and posted a cryptic message about his ‘male co-stars’ claiming that they got his blood boiling on set, however it is now thought that the message was a direct reference to Vin Diesel.

And then Vin replied…

Weird right.

However the most extreme revelation made in the video comes from Tom Sizemore who utterly lost his shit on the set of Red Planet.

The story goes that co-star Val Kilmer was pissed off that Sizemore had the producers pay to ship his elliptical machine over to their set in Australia.


Kilmer reportedly shouted at Sizemore: ‘I’m making $10 million on this, you’re only making two’.


Sizemore reacted in the only way he could. He picked up a 50lb weight and launched it directly at Kilmer.

Apparently their constant arguments on set led the producers of the film to actually ask Sizemore not to really hit Kilmer in the face when they had the ‘fight scene’ at the end of the movie. So in compliance with their orders Sizemore hit Kilmer in the chest ‘really, really hard’, according to Looper.

Don’t mess with Tom Sizemore.

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