These Are All The GOOD Things That Happened In 2016

by : UNILAD on : 13 Dec 2016 17:00
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After the year we’ve had and the dire loss of celebrities and international heroes, you may think there may not be too much to be happy about…


However, these Reddit users show us that actually, there are a few things worth celebrating from 2016.

Some of them may be bizarre, but they’re positive nonetheless…

First up is a magical story:


A truly heartwarming tale…

All of this is bang on really, but a definite good shout with Deadpool and Pokemon GO:

Memes have been taking things to the next level this past year:

Definitely something to celebrate:


The medical aspects of this are certainly a positive whatever your views on the drug:

This is really good to hear:

This is pretty good news:

And another victory for the animal kingdom:


This sounds pretty incredible:

A memorable moment:

If you’re a Leicester fan then this was definitely a historical day:

A great day for nature and a really positive step for the world:

This last year has taken some harsh hits from all sides, but these few moments, no matter how pointless or insignificant they may seem, help to make 2016 seem that tiny bit better…

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