These Are The Jobs Where A Robot Is Most Likely To Steal Your Job


Just when you thought it was hard enough to keep your job as it is.

Accountancy firm Deloitte have revealed the jobs in London which are at the most risk of being done by robots in the future.

As part of its ‘Global cities, global talent’ report, they took a look into the jobs in England’s capital at the highest risk of automation.

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In the next few years, it’s believed the global employment market with heavily rely on our robot counterparts, with the World Economic Forum predicting that in less than five years, more than five million human jobs will be replaced.

Using data from Oxford University academic Carl Frey and Michael Osborne, and the ONS, they created a ranking system of what it calls ‘the proportion of jobs at high risk of automation’.

Mechanics, chefs, labourers and secretaries are all up there with the highest risk of automation, but the hardest hit will be those who work in the transport industry. With just 10 per cent of positions considered at low risk.

This is already escalating rather quickly, with some parts of London’s transport network, including the DLR, already driverless, and proposals have also been submitted for driverless Tube trains.

Here’s the full list in all its glory:

10. Financial and insurance activities – 24%

9. Scientific and technical activities — 25%

8. Public administration and defence — 27%

7. Human health and social work — 28%

6. Administrative and support services — 29%

5. Real estate and construction — 31%

4. Manufacturing — 52%

3. Accommodation and food services — 62%

2. Repair of motor vehicles — 63%

1. Transportation and storage — 72%