These Are The 30 Things We Should’ve Been Taught In School


‘When am I going to use this in real life?’, the mantra of frustrated school kids everywhere. Well, a survey of British adults has revealed the top 30 life lessons they wish school had actually taught them.

Four in 10 Brits polled said they didn’t feel that their school taught them enough to get them through later life.

Alarmingly, the survey also suggested that over half of British adults would make dramatic changes to their life choices if possible, with 64 percent saying they regret the route they chose after school.

So what are the lessons that would have proved more useful than knowing how to find the local library in Marseille?

This infographic has the top 10:


Once you get past that though, which has a massive focus on how to financially survive as a grownup, the desired lessons become much more specific, focusing on household chores more than anything.

Here is the rest of the list:

11. How to change a car tyre.

12. How to turn the water off in the house.

13. Things to look for when buying a second hand car.

14. How to change the taps.

15. How to lay a carpet.

16. How to tile a room.

17. How to cook a Sunday roast.

18. How to jump start a car.

19. How to unblock a toilet.

20. How to strip wallpaper without damaging the wall.

21. How to assemble flat pack furniture.

22. How to bring up a baby.

23. How to unblock a plug.

24. How to grout.

25. How to use a drill.

26. How to read an electric/gas meter.

27. How to fix a bike.

28. How to put up a fence.

29. How to build a wall.

30. How to change a lightbulb.


The study is also bad news for art, drama, and French teachers, as these subjects were voted as having no impact on adult life. Ouch. Not sure how true that is.

Truth be told it seems British adults would just like to know how to handle their own cash and raise children.

Not that much to ask, is it?