These Are The Best Videos Of Police Twerking At Notting Hill Carnival

by : UNILAD on : 29 Aug 2016 18:24

Notting Hill Carnival is officially 50 years old, and these bobbies couldn’t resist getting in on the festivities.


With music blaring in the street, officers were present to keep the peace and ensure the safety of revellers – but that doesn’t mean they couldn’t bust a move or two themselves.

Check it out:


Okay, so that video was actually a set up by some Internet pranksters – but they needn’t have bothered. There were plenty of genuine officers willing to grind and twerk.

It got this guy a little hot under the collar…


This guy is just loving life…

Sadly, it wasn’t all fun and games with a number of serious incidents reported.

According to RT, there were four stabbings and 105 arrests made.

The 15-year-old victim of one stabbing remains in hospital fighting for his life.


Arrests were made for various alleged offences, including drug possession, carrying knives, assault, sexual offences, and theft.

The London Ambulance Service also confirmed it had treated 411 patients, with 77 sent to hospital for further examination.

Hopefully, all those injured at the Caribbean festival will make a swift and full recovery.

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    Notting Hill Carnival: 4 stabbed, 105 arrested as twerking cop parties with women