These Are The Countries That Won The Most Gold Medals Per Person

Launch of Medals and Victory Ceremonies for the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic GamesGetty

The 2016 Olympic Games have come to an end and there’s no surprises as to who topped the medal charts.

Officially, the U.S. dominated the games taking a whopping 121 medals, leaving their second place rivals (Team GB) in the dust with a comparatively paltry 67 medals, The Telegraph reports.

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Of course, the Olympic games are supposed to be something more than an international school sports day, they’re meant to be about international co-operation.

So in the the interest of fairness, lets take a look at medal tally when we adjust it according to ‘population per medal’.

According to Medals Per Capita, the overall winners of medals per population size is, rather surprisingly, Grenada with the Bahamas in second and Jamaica in third.

If we adjust the table according to a nation’s GDP or ‘medals per $100 billion GD,’ we see that relatively small countries such as Grenada, Jamaica and Kenya take the top three spots.

Meanwhile, if you take into account the number of competitors that each country took to Rio then it’s Azerbaijan who top the tables as the most efficient team, winning 0.3 medals per athlete with its small team of 56 athletes.

So we’re all winners!