These Are The Countries Where Women Have The Biggest Boobs


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Can’t figure out where to go on your next holiday? You will after reading this.

A group of researchers conducted a study – for science of course – to compare the average natural breast size of women around the world.

And they’ve answered a long standing question: Which country has the biggest boobs? But the answer is not entirely surprising.

Excluding women who have had surgery, were pregnant, were breastfeeding, or had been pregnant within the past 12 months, the scientists found that those born in America have significantly larger assets.

Capture2Journal of Female Health Sciences

In the study published in The Journal of Female Health Sciences, the researchers broke down countries from the bustiest to the most flat-chested and analysed the mean volume and cup size of each nation.

They looked at around 400,000 women in 108 countries for this study, with all measurements taken by measuring tapes, ‘visual examination’, and even a bit of 3D scanning.

So here are the countries that ranked top when it came to big boobs:

1. US (Caucasian) (F cup in EU bra sizing)

2. Canada (E cup)

3. US (Non-Caucasian) (E cup)

4. Ireland (D cup)

5. Poland (D cup)

6. United Kingdom (D cup)

Caucasian Americans came in top, with Canada coming in at a close second – which makes me proud to be a Canadian woman. And the UK comes in at a respectable sixth place.

While you may think America won top stop purely due to its high obesity rate, surprisingly, the researchers found that weight played little part in breast size.

And while there were some outliers, most countries’ average breast size seems to correspond with the region of the world they were born in, the Daily Mail reports.

aa649647577f428cb9da3177e61bdac7Journal of Female Health Sciences

The biggest breasts are mostly in North America (with the exception of Mexico with an average B cup size) and Europe, with Iceland and The Netherlands also placing top ten.

Most African countries fell into the bottom half of breast size. And Asian countries — particularly in Southeast Asia — tend to be home to women with smaller assets.

But the smallest breasts in the world were measured in the Philippines, followed by Malaysia, Bangladesh, Samoa, and the Soloman Islands.

Cue a surge in American holidays.