These Are The Four Different Types Of People Who Use Facebook


We all know there are serial ‘likers’ on there and people who post the cryptic ‘worst. day. ever’ without explanation – but what type of Facebooker are you?

According to research there are actually four types of Facebook user out there – people who use it to build on real relationships, to those purely focused on ‘likes’ and attention.

The four categories are – relationship builders, town criers, selfies and window shoppers.


A team at the Mormon Brigham Young University in Utah ran a survey asking a number of people to categorise 48 statements to see where they thought they fitted.

Their findings were published in an article in The Independent.

So what type of user are you?

Relationship builder


Relationship builders ‘respond to others’ posts’ and use additional Facebook features primarily in an attempt to strengthen relationships that already exist in their real life.

Tom Robinson, who is the lead researcher, said:

For them, the site is an extension of their real life” and they identified with the suggestion that ‘Facebook helps me to express love to my family and lets my family express love to me’.

Town Crier


Town criers are those who share news articles and post about what’s going on, rather than actual information about their real life.

These users tend to use other ways to keep in touch with family and friends, such as picking up a phone and actually talking to them!



These people are described as ‘self-promoters’ – they use Facebook to post pictures, videos and text updates, ‘not to build relationships but to get likes and get attention’.

Researchers said these people think the more ‘like’ notifications they receive, the more they feel approved of by their friends on the site.

Study co-author Kris Boyle said the image ‘selfies’ present to the virtual world may not be accurate.

Window shopper


These people use Facebook as ‘the social media equivalent of people-watching’ according to researcher Clark Callahan.

They identify with the idea they can ‘freely look’ at the Facebook profile of someone they have a crush on and get to know their hobbies, interests and relationship status. Aka: Facebook stalking.

Come on, which one are you then?