These Are The Jokes That Were Too Dirty Even For Deadpool


Deadpool’s not the type of character that’s worried about offending… well, anyone.

While that must be incredibly freeing for a writer, it’s also got to be quite the challenge to toe the line between decency and pure unfiltered depravity.

Ryan Reynolds’ co-star, TJ Miller, who plays Deadpool’s sidekick, Weasel, admitted in a recent video interview with IGN that they may have got a little carried away while improvising dark jokes in the film.

So much so, that Fox apparently made him promise not to repeat some of the jokes because they were so dark that the studio got uncomfortable with them being in the movie.

giphy (3)

It’s worth remembering this is the film that thought, ‘you look like the inside of someone’s ass-hole,’ was acceptable, before you check out quite how gloriously weird some of the other insults were which didn’t make the cut.

Our favourite toe curling line has got to be, ‘You look like a trucker shit on your shoulders and shaped ears into it’ – which in fairness isn’t an inaccurate description of Deadpool’s… I guess you’d call it a face.

Deadpool will be causing chaos in all good theatres throughout the UK from tomorrow, and we can’t wait!