These Are The Most Likely Causes Of Death For People In The UK


Since the British tabloids are always telling us how the latest disease or terror threat is going to kill us, the NHS have drawn up a useful guide to explain the real risks to the UK public.

New interactive tool Atlas of Risk gives the real mortality figures in the UK, with data from registered deaths in England and the World Health Organisation used to calculate the biggest dangers.

And the biggest killers, by some distance, are heart and circulatory diseases, closely followed by cancer.


The statistics, taken from 2013, paint an interesting and slightly worrying portrait of life and death in the UK.

Although medical problems were the cause of the majority of passings, there were also reportedly 970 murders and more than 3,000 suicides.

Still, it’s a far cry from the deaths registered in the Bills of Mortality centuries ago when being “frightened” or “distracted” was enough to cause several deaths per week…