These Are The Telltale Signs You Definitely Need A Holiday


A new study by Grace Say Aloe has determined what the warning signs are that you’re in dire need of a holiday.

To be fair, we’re all in need of a holiday, if it was up to me I’d be on holiday 24 hours a day, seven days a week with my phone switched of and my inbox left behind to dip into the tens-of-thousands.

But lo and behold we’ve got to work to earn our vacation time and for some of us, we’re in desperate need of a break more than others.


According to research from Grace Say Aloe – the brand behind the popular aloe vera drink – they’ve determined the tell-tale signs for those who need to escape their current settings.

Apparently, it’s mostly down to our mood and behaviour, especially towards the most mundane things in life, which gives a clear indication that we need a sun-soaked break.

If you find yourself getting angrier than usual when you’re held up in a queue, or losing your temper with colleagues or clients at work then you most probably need a holiday!

Another big effect of ‘lack-of-holiday syndrome’ is on your memory – the longer you go without an extended break, the more you’ll find yourself forgetting people’s names, misplacing keys and even forgetting a loved one’s birthday.

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According to Kate Taylor, a creativity and empowerment coach:

We might be nearing the end of the summer holiday season, but as the research by Grace Say Aloe shows, many of us need those regular breaks in order to maintain positivity and productiveness all year round.

Sometimes it isn’t a full holiday that’s needed, but just a little bit of time to break out from our daily routines, to rebalance and reboot.

Even some time away from our mobile phones is all it takes to switch off.

Many people find they suffer from low energy and tiredness if they work for very long periods of time without taking the time to reboot.

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The study shows the average adult needs four holidays a year. Furthermore the average person typically starts to need another holiday just 42 days after returning from a break away.

At this point, one in ten will start to swear more than usual and almost a quarter will put up with a messy house as they can’t be bothered to tidy.

Eight in 10 people need regular breaks in order to stay happy, healthy and positive, therefore the average person says they won’t work longer than 70 days without some sort of rest.

When away from work and routine, three in five people enjoy getting away from normality, while half like the feeling of being refreshed and revitalised.

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Money appears to be the biggest factor as to why people don’t book holidays abroad, with a shocking 64 per cent claiming financial insecurity – this was followed by a huge work overload at 32 per cent.

For those who can’t go on holiday very often, 29 per cent ‘reboot’ by visiting friends and family, while 12 per cent switch off their phones and one in 10 meditate.

Taylor continued:

It makes sense by re-booting your normality, even if it’s only a slight change to your routines, you can reap the benefits.

Like the research shows, the smallest of problems can seem massive at times, but if you flip this on its head, sometimes even the simplest of changes can make a big impact on our wellbeing.

In a world of getting stuck in routine patterns and the humdrum of the ordinary, sometimes doing something a little different, like drinking Grace Say Aloe, can help provide a mini moment of escapism.

Here Are The Top 20 Signs You Need A Holiday

1. Little problems seem massive

2. You can’t remember the last time you took a break

3. People keep saying you look tired

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4. You lose your sense of humour

5. The house is messy but you can’t be bothered to tidy it

6. You can’t get out of bed in the morning


7. You can’t face your to-do list

8. You struggle to sleep through the night

9. You eat more comfort food

10. You get more angry than usual when you are held up in a queue

11. You yawn more often

12. You enter a room and can’t remember what you went in there for

13. Spending more time daydreaming than doing your actual day job

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14. You can no longer muster the will to make small talk at work

15. You swear more than usual

16. You lose your temper with colleagues or clients at work

17. You hit snooze more than usual

18. You are fed up of seeing friends’ holiday pictures on social media

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19. You find yourself looking over old travel pictures, again and again

20. You oversleep more than once a week