These Australian Guys Went To North Korea To Solve State Haircut Myth

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These two guys made the rather scary trip to North Korea to find out if state hair cuts were a real thing and here’s what they discovered…


Sometimes you’ve got to go all out to make your voice heard, but these guys really went for it when they went to North Korea to really drive home their point.

As is pretty clear from the little footage and understanding we have of North Korea, the country is very much shrouded in mystery and the unknown, so sometimes it can be difficult to locate the truth from the myths.

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It has been reported on North Korea only offers a small selection of male and female haircuts and that people have to adhere to these styles, so two Australian mates flew over to the country to shed some light on the situation.


In order to do this, Aleksa Vulovic, 24, and Alex Apollonov, 25, each paid a rather hefty $2,000 dollars, to take a government run tour of the country for six days and create a documentary on the subject.

They explained to Nine News Australia:

Filming on the modest camera allowed them to avoid being questioned by officials, who typically only allow tourists to record limited amounts of footage.

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To unlock the mystery surrounding the haircuts, the guys booked a new do – on their guide’s recommendation – at a local salon.

Aleksa showed the hairdresser a picture he had in mind of a ‘hipster’ do and his stylist created it for him with no questions asked.

Alex commented in the footage:

When he showed the hairdresser a picture of the exact amount of hair he wanted, they got rid of the unwanted hair. Just like hairdressers do all over the world.

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It seems that myth was well and truly shattered then and North Koreans can choose from whatever the hell haircut they feel like.

He added:

So. It turns out that North Koreans get haircuts just like everyone else in the world does. What an exciting adventure, eh?

They filmed bits of the journey and edited it together to create The Haircut – A North Korean Adventure documentary, which they then posted to YouTube and made a very good point about our perceptions of the closed off country.

They explained:

Every week, on TV and online, we are bombarded by the bizarre media-spectacle of North Korea.

At present, although the video has racked up thousands of views, there have been no formal complaints lodged by the North Korean leaders, which can only be a good thing…

Aleksa did admit ‘We did break the rules though, so I’d be hesitant to go back there,’ so it’s probably for the best they don’t…

They may have been on very dodgy territory, but at least they’ve cleared that up. Good work guys.

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