These Celebrities Made Cameo Appearances As Themselves In Video Games

by : UNILAD on : 06 Sep 2015 19:09

Celebrities appearing in video games isn’t a new phenomenon.


Generally, however, actors and musicians tend to voice fictional characters but, on very rare occasions, they will make cameos as themselves.

From The Sims to Grand Theft Auto and more, there are some real hidden gems out there that we had no idea about!

Here are 15 of the best and weirdest video game cameos by celebrities…

1) Snoop Dogg


Snoop Dogg went full on gangster when he made an appearance in True Crime: Streets of LA.

2) Mike Tyson

The boxing superstar was one of the first celebrity cameo appearances in a video game, taking his place as the final boss, fittingly, in Mike Tyson’s Punch Out! on Nintendo.

3) Cameron Diaz

The world famous actress appeared as herself in The Sims: Superstar.

4) Gary Coleman


What you talking about Willis? Well, the late child star showed up in Postal 2, while wearing a Scarface style suit and packing an assault rifle, for some reason.

5) Phil Collins

That’s right, the Genesis drummer could feel it in the air tonight when he popped up in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.

6) Johnny Cash

The late singer showed up in Guitar Hero 5, playing his classic track ‘Ring of Fire’.

7) Shaquille O’Neal

Shaq has obviously appeared in a myriad of basketball games but, as a well known fan of mixed martial arts, he also managed to bag himself a cameo in UFC Undisputed 2010 as a playable fighter.


8) Christina Aguilera

The singer was one of many celebrities who appeared as themselves in The Sims: Superstar.

9) Ricky Gervais

The comedian actually popped up in Grand Theft Auto IV, believe it or not, doing a set at the comedy club in Liberty City.

10) David Bowie

The British pop icon actually appeared as a Lego version of himself in LEGO Rock Band.

11) Carmen Electra

The model and actress showed off her fighting skills in Def Jam: Fight For NY.

12) Gene Simmons

The entirety of KISS actually appeared in Tony Hawk’s Underground, but only Gene had playable moves. It’s almost as if he’s got a massive ego or something…

13) Hugh Hefner

Playboy: The Mansion would have been a bit pointless if Heffner himself hadn’t made an appearance!

14) Avril Lavigne

It was complicated (not really) when Avril made an appearance as herself in The Sims: Superstar.

15) Steven Tyler

The Aerosmith frontman has appeared in a heck of a lot of video games in his time, even as far back as 1994 when he made a cameo in Revolution X.

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