These Charts Show What Hipsters Are Doing To Everyday Language


Bloody hipsters – they’ve only gone and dragged a load of archaic words back into circulation.

According to JSTOR Daily, a blog that contains a database of academic journals, words like bespoke, peruse, smitten and dapper are making a comeback, The Independent reports.

This data comes from Google’s Ngram viewer, and it shows the usage of these words in printed media from 1800 to 2012.


As well as the aforementioned words, proper old school bangers like perchance, mayhaps and parlor are back on the agenda.


And as well as these, amongst, amidst, whilst and unbeknownst are making a comeback, which are the archaic forms of among, amid, while and unknown. Obvs.


Even totes rad Shakespearean terms like thou, thee, ere and hath are frequenting our written media. Gadzooks!


It’s not totally clear why this trend is occurring, but one theory is that, because where youth trends in the past have sourced inspiration from a particular era, hipsters comb a broad range of historical periods – in what is sometimes called ‘nostalgia mining’.

If you’re worried you might be turning into a hipster, please refer to this handy guide, before seeking urgent medical assistance.