These Creepy Ghost Recordings Are Genuinely Convincing


Paranormal investigators claim to have received messages from beyond the grave after performing an exorcism on an allegedly haunted house.

The house’s owner, Keith Linder, was so scared that his house was haunted by the spirits of Irish settlers that he was forced to call in some real life ghostbusters, The Mirror reports.

Keith, who lives in Washington in the U.S, called in UK-based paranormal investigators, Steve Mera and Don Philips, to get to grips with his house’s ghouls and better understand what was happening in his home.

In the footage, which the duo put on YouTube for the betterment of all mankind, Steve and Don try and communicate with the ghosts asking them to reveal whether there are Irish spirits lurking in the house.

Spookily, the supposedly disembodied voice seems to confirm that there are indeed Irish ghosts in the house, but thankfully, they explain that they mean Keith and his girlfriend no harm. That’s a relief.

Keith told The Mirror:

We moved in the house in the spring of 2012 and began experiencing paranormal weirdness almost immediately.

Ghostly-voices-recorded-during-exorcismhauntingKeith Linder - You Tube

They only resorted to an exorcism after what they called ‘major malevolent activity’ but, since the investigators came round and exorcised the spirits, things have apparently calmed down.

Although they do still hear the occasional bump in the night.

Some people reading this may doubt that the recording is of a ghost, but why would paranormal investigators lie? It’s not like they have a vested interest in making people think ghosts are real…