These Exes Ask Each Other Questions Years After They Split – Things Get Awkward Quickly


We’ve all been through tough breakups. But usually we go down the ‘it’s not you, it’s me’ route to spare everybody’s feelings. Maybe they had flipper feet, dank teeth or a rare fungal disorder only a mother could love. But the one thing we almost never do, is tell them that. 

Enter ‘The And’ Project. Encouraging couples to sit down years after a breakup, ‘The And’ project asks people to tell each other exactly how shitty they were to be with.

The videos below feature Ali and Andrew, who broke up two years ago after a seven year relationship, and Ali immediately hits Andrew with the money shot – “Why did you cheat on me?” Damn.

Luckily for Andrew, it’s not all bad news. The couple also discuss how they met and what their fondest memories of each other are. Check out the two-part video below but be prepared – if you’re going through a breakup or have recently been through one, this is going to be some heavy shit.

‘The And’ project features 30 couples in total, asking each other 412 questions you’d never, ever want to be asked by your ex. Check out the entire series here if you’re ready to get real