These Guys Made An Interactive Zombie Game And Streamed It Live On Chatroulette


Remember when Chatroulette was just miles and miles of dicks? Dicks as far as the eye could see. Well, these guys have found an alternative use for it and it’s awesome.

YouTube channel RealmPictures have turned the internet’s favourite anonymous wank-house into a real life playable first-person shooter. The sheer amount of thought and production that must have gone into this is amazing – it even comes complete with extras and a makeup division. It’s definitely worth checking out the behind the scenes video below to get an idea of how the video was made.

The idea for the video was simple: create a first-person shooter that could be streamed live to the internet. Using a GoPro camera to film and a lot of help from friends RealmPictures, what they have created is something totally unique. The game comes complete with Nerf guns, health bars, a voiceover and even a final boss. Brilliant.

You’ve got to applaud the people who’ve actually played the game, considering how many dicks they probably had to wade through in order to cut a decent video.