These Guys Think They’ve Solved Bermuda Triangle Mystery

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For decades the Bermuda Triangle has been one of the world’s biggest mysteries, striking fear into the hearts and minds of those who dare travel through it.

And after claiming the lives of an estimated 1,000 people in the last century alone you can understand why.

Scientists last month thought they had finally cracked the mystery, claiming that hexagonal clouds adorn the triangle, creating terrifying 170mph winds which they described as ‘air bombs’.


They believed that these brutal blasts of air could flip over ships and even bring planes crashing into the ocean.

But UFO hunters are having absolutely none of this logical reason and have instead claimed it’s, you guessed it, aliens.

Apparently theories of alien involvement in the area date all the way back to the times of Christopher Columbus, in 1492.

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In a log he wrote:

The pilots took the North Star; marking it, they found that the compass northwested a full point and the sailors were fearful and melancholy and did not say why.

How that proves that it’s aliens his crew saw is anyone’s guess, but a book by Gian J. Quasar claims that this was definitely legit and Columbus and his crew really saw a UFO hover above them.


This bizarre theory is being championed by a bunch of conspiracy theorists, suggesting that past paranormal clips in the area are proof that an ‘alien vortex’ is transporting missing ships and planes to another dimension. Riiight.

Paranormal researcher David Childress said:

The energy fields across the world are stronger in some areas as compared to the others and in these areas they form sort of a Vortex, thereby making the energy more useful in its sense. It’s quite possible that the Bermuda Triangle is one such inter-dimensional doorway that’s used by these aliens.


Sounds incredibly feasible, right? Nope, because once again there is fuck all proof.

There’s no doubt that this offers a rather entertaining explanation for one of Earth’s greatest mysteries, but I think we’ll just stick with actual evidence and logic… for now.