These Guys Want Your Jerry Maguire VHS To Fulfill A Prophecy

by : UNILAD on : 27 Jun 2016 13:55
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In very bizarre news, two guys are on a quest to collect every VHS tape of Jerry Maguire in existence.


It’s not because they want to sell them for a ton of cash, or even because they just really love the film, it’s actually because they want to build a pyramid out of Jerry Maguire VHS tapes in the middle of the desert.


Creators of a blog called Everything Is Terrible! are requesting that every single VHS copy of the movie ever made is sent to them so that they may fulfill a ‘prophecy’ and build a giant pyramid out of them ‘in the desert’.


They currently have 12,240 copies, but they definitely aren’t stopping there.

According to VICE, the guys over at Everything Is Terrible! have been at it since 2009, and the goal of their long-running project, Maguirewatch, is to save billions of Jerry Maguire tapes ‘from their natural thrift store habitats’.

Within two years they’ve managed to receive a generous 4,751 Jerry copies. And in 2014, they made a throne of the 7,489 tapes they currently had at a festival.

But what they really want is a Jerry pyramid. Here’s a rough draft of what they’ll expect it to look like:


What’s important about Jerry Maguire over any other VHS you ask? Well, according to one half of the film-seeking duo, Dimitri Simakis, ‘absolutely nothing’.

He told VICE:

I think that’s the point. Jerry Maguire is a movie version of a piece of white paper, and yet every thrift shop, every flea market, and every fledgling video store has a disturbing amount of Jerry Maguire tapes.

At this point, I can’t fucking believe this is still happening. It’s gone from sort-of funny, to not as funny – to not even a little funny – to these tapes will be the death of us. That is, until we saw them all in one place at Everything Is Festival and we remembered why we started doing this in the first place – because a throne made of 7,489 Jerry Maguires looks fucking awesome.


So what started out as a joke is now a very serious thing, and the fate of a Jerry Maguire VHS pyramid in the middle of the desert is now at stake because of it.

And it’s not the first time something like this has happened – in 2014, a man from Idaho made it his life’s mission to collect every VHS of Keanu Reeves action movie Speed.

So if you have an old copy of the VHS, Everything Is Terrible! would like you to do a good deed and post it to them at their Los Angeles address featured in their video.

There are definitely some interesting people in this world…

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