These Incredible Anamorphic Illusions Will Completely F*ck With Your Mind


This video from YouTube channel Brusspup shows a series of truly mind-melting optical illusions guaranteed to challenge your perceptions/freak you the fuck out.

The effect Brusspup uses is called an anamorphic illusion. The mind bending results are achieved by using a distorted perspective to break down then rebuild our perception of an image. It’s a technique that is often used by artists to challenge the viewer’s sense of perception, but it also has more practical applications and the stretched text is often used in road markings to give warnings such as ‘Slow Down’ to drivers.

In an interview for The Daily Mail Brusspup said: 

This effect works beautifully through the lens of a camera because there is no depth perception. If you were to view this image in person, you could instantly tell that it was just a piece of paper. If you closed one eye and really concentrated, then you would be able to see the effect. If it were not for the paper, then you would cut out the object and set it on the table, but there would be no shadows, and it would be easy to tell that it was fake.

If you say so mate, I watched it three times and still couldn’t see past the illusion – even when you know it’s coming! Pure witchcraft if you ask me. You can try it out at home though – the YouTube channel has posted links to the distorted images of a Rubik’s Cube, a roll of tape, and a shoe so you can freak yourselves out at your leisure.