These Incredible Photos Of Abandoned Places Will Blow Your Mind


Sometimes it’s easy to forget that with our ever expanding population there are places once inhabited by humans that have been long since forgotten.

This awesome Facebook page has a collection of some of the most unbelievable photographs of places that have been reclaimed by nature.

From ghostly abandoned hotels to underwater statues, these incredible photographs serve as a reminder of the temporary nature of us humans – and they are fucking cool.

Abandoned cars in the Ardennes, left by U.S. servicemen after WWII

Japanese WWII warplane lies wrecked in shallow water off Guam

Mysterious, abandoned Hungarian lake village

Abandoned train track

Green Lake in Austria is a dry park in winter but a 10ft deep lake in the summer. Wow..

Abandonded high school. Like if you wanna visit

Abandoned road is now a small river

The Hotel del Salto, ColombiaHotel del Salto was built in 1928 for wealthy tourists that wanted to visit the nearby…

Underwater cathedral

Abandoned Supersonic TU-144 in a Russian backyard.

Abandoned Six Flags in New Orleans

Abandoned, old Ferrari in the Arizona desert

Sunken ships at Bermuda Triangle

Abandoned rollercoaster in Japan

Statue of Jesus at the bottom of the sea near MaltaBuilt by Guido Galletti, this statue of Christ was submerged into water 55 feet deep in 1954.

Abandoned amusement parkThis playground opened in the 1950s and closed in 2002.

Abandoned treehouse that nobody wanted

The Tunnel of Love in Ukraine

The Paris Inner City “Little Belt”, Railway. LIKE if you wanna visit!

I don’t know about you, but I have got to visit some of these places.