These Incredible Pictures Of Women Are Causing A Storm, But There’s A Catch

3Caters/Philipp Weber

To the untrained eye these pictures may look like a nice, yet fairly standard set of photographs.

But they are, in fact, incredible paintings, the result of hours of adding layer-upon-layer of oil paint onto canvas, The Mirror reported.

CatersPhilipp WeberCaters/Philipp Weber

German hyper-realistic artist Philipp Weber created them, working from a set of photos, created in a studio shoot with models, makeup artists and photographers.

Philipp works in layers to give it the super-realistic look, working it over and over until the form becomes visible, and “the desired intensity and intimacy is reached” – this process can take up to a year sometimes.

2Caters/Philipp Weber

Philipp told The Mirror:

Some people can’t believe, that everything really is painted. They think, I’ve over-painted a photo with my oil colours.

It’s about the second level. It’s about what lies beneath the uncertain surface. Hyper-realism for me is not only the maximum of details, but much more the maximum of feeling.

4Caters/Philipp Weber

Completed paintings sell for between €20,000-€30,000 (£14,000-£21,000), if you want to get your hands on some.

5Caters/Philipp Weber

You can check out more of his awesome work here.