These Lads Lose Their Sh*t After Very Close Shave With Lightning Bolt

Robert F. Bukaty/PA

When you decide to brave an electrical storm by filming it on your camera you best be prepared for your own nerves to get caught on film too.

That is precisely what this pair found out after a bolt of lightning struck a little bit too lose for comfort.

The footage which was uploaded to Reddit shows two lads filming a storm from the overestimated safety of a boating garage.

As one brave chap pokes the camera outside the door his pal warns him ‘don’t go outside’.

Just after saying this a flash of white fills the screen as a rogue streak of lightning hits just metres away from them.

Probably understandably, the lads absolutely lose their shit as they try to comprehend what just happened.

Check it out:

Wow. I hope these guys had easy access to fresh underwear following the incident.

Other Reddit users were quick to empathise with the poor chaps, describing what it is like to be so close to a lightning strike.


Definitely seemed a bit louder than a balloon popping.